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We at green design GOODS encourage conscious consumerism with zero waste always the goal. We offer the cleanest, greenest, most practical sustainable products with minimal packaging. Each item in our store is chosen based on ethical and sustainable credentials. Thank you for your awareness and concern for the environment. Your purchase is a vote for our ecosystem.



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beeswax candles

When it comes to candles we can only recommend 100% natural beeswax.


Beeswax candles actually have health benefits. They are considered an air purifier since they increase the ratio of negative ions to positive ions in the environment, which is necessary to have clean air. Many air purifying systems use the power of negative ions, which attach themselves to positive ion particles—pollen, dust, dirt, mold and VOCs—causing them to fall to the ground. Beeswax releases negative ions in much the same way when heated.


It has been reported that people with sinus problems, allergies, and asthma find considerable relief using beeswax candles. By avoiding traditional paraffin candles you will be keeping the air you breathe safe. Paraffin begins as the sludge (literally, the bottom of the barrel) of oil’s pre-refining process. Once chemical fragrances and decorative colors—found in most market-ready candles—are added, some scented candles produce smoke laced with almost as many toxins as those produced by cigarettes.


Beeswax candles have an extra long burning time due to their high melting point and don’t drip or smoke. The light honey scent is delicate and pleasing and won’t offend when on a table near diners. Our Aromatherapy line is scented with pure, essential fragrance oils, which have also been shown to be therapeutic because of their antimicrobial properties.


Enjoy healthy air and the beauty of natural beeswax candles.        

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Research estimates that about two-thirds of man-made carbon emissions could be absorbed by planting 2.2 billion acres of new trees - that is roughly 500 billion saplings.


While some fear the theoretical promise of tree-planting as an easy solution to climate changes could distract people from the range and scope of the responses needed - all agree: Trees matter.


98% of old-growth forests in the US are gone.


Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has propagated living libraries of old-growth tree genetics by cloning these old growth trees through traditional and advanced horticultural methods for the purpose of future research and functional reforestation.


The “Giants,” such as a mature Redwood & Sequoia, can pull as much as 250 tons of carbon dioxide from the air. AATA promotes reforestation and migration of Champion old-growth trees in the right application for a balanced, sustainable environment. 


The goal is to replace the natural filter systems of our water and air to fight global warming caused climate change, and protect our freshwater ecosystem to restore the health of our planet.


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