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Handcrafted in tiny batches, Steve Smith's exquisite full-leaf Teas nurture deep-rooted friendships with the teaworld's finest suppliers. Crafted at SmithTeaworks in Portland, Oregon, these teas offer a drinking experience like nothing else in the world. Available in three delicious, soothing 30 ct. Gift Collections. If you're constantly wondering about the sachet material on your favorite teas - worry no more! Smith Teaworks' sachets are created from a plant-based material that is 100% commercially compostable and uses the same full leaf quality tea as the loose blends - making it a sachet with serious cachet. Cheers!

PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLECTION - This lively selection of green and black teas and herbal infusions was packed to introduce your palate to the fresh and vibrant flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

Includes 10 sachets each: Portland Breakfast, Rose City Genmaicha, and Peppermint Leaves

WELLNESS ASSORTMENT - This most uncommon assortment of organic wellness teas are all deeply flavorful, naturally caffeine-free, and sourced in their prime from friends around the world.

Includes 10 sachets each: Golden Light, Soothe Sayer, and Lullaby

BLACK TEA ASSORTMENT - In the world of full leaf teas, Smith is the new black. This assortment of rich and aromatic black teas embody a depth of nuance that is unsurpassed.

Includes 10 sachets each: Lord Bergamot, British Brunch, and Masala Chai

Steve Smith Tea Collections

  • 100% plant-based material sachets that are 100% commercially compostable and uses the same full

    Every protduct is handcrafted in house. Every ingredient is single-origin and sourced directly from gardens employing Sustainable practices.

    A proud to partner with Broadleaf, a non-profit organization supporting the health and wellness of children in Darjeeling, India

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