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Replace single-use tin foil and parchment paper with this infinitely reusable silicone Baking Mat. Available in two sizes: Large fits standard cookie sheet and Small fits half cookie sheet or smaller grill pans. Easily rinsed or popped in the dishwasher!

Silicone Baking Mat

  • Large: 16.5 inches 11.5 inches

    Small: 12 inches x 8.5 inches

  • A silicone baking mat is non-stick, replacing parchment paper and foil all while protecting pans. Silicone is a durable, non-toxic material made with silica (sand). It can take very high heat, making is suitable for oven, microwave, and even stove top when used as a vessel or liner. Silcone is also freezer and dishwasher safe. 

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