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A curated bundle of essentials evey kitchen needs to be Sustainable. The collection to help get you to your zero-waste goals! Offering long-lasting solutions for many kitchen disposables by replacing common plastic + paper items.


  • Six reusable Silicone lids.
  • Beeswraps waxed food wrap:  7 piece collection.
  • Two snap-close silicone bags: 4 cup + 6 cup.
  • Organic, food-saving produce Veji Bag crisper.
  • Two tree-saving Swedish DishCloths.
  • Long handle, Bamboo and Sisal dish brush + additional replaceable head.
  • Organic cotton Market Bag.
  • Two bamboo lids for reusable jars.
  • A Bamboo + Coconut coir bottle brush.
  • Set of Coconut Coir scourers. 


*See item Style/Color options  

Kitchen Zero-Waste Essentials Bundle

Market Bag Color
  • All natural materials certified Fair Trade + Organic.

    Recyclable packaging on all products.

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