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All natural - vegan soaps for all your needs. 100% natural sugar scrub bar with nourishing cocoa butter, lavender and ylang ylang, or Avocado+Olive oil. The cinnamon scented Baker's Soap is a perfect kitchen helper. Or the Calm bar scented with rose geranium, a naturally soothing scent to help you unwind. For the easily reactive skin types, try the Sensitive Skin bar containing just three ingredients - shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil to sooth the skin. Take it on the road with the versitile natural Travel Soap performing the jobs of shampoo, soap, shaving lather and deodorant in one pocket-sized bar - antiseptic, anti-fungal and an insect repellent - perfect for adventures of every sort. And finally, the Solid Shampoo bar, made castor oil - a natural hair and scalp conditioner - combined with coconut oil and olive oil for moisturising and nourishing luxury, and scented with essential oils of lavender and geranium adding calming and stress-relieving qualities.

You'll want to stock up on them all!

Natural Vegan Soaps

  • Vegan

    All natural

    No Palm Oils or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

    Plastic free

    biodegradable packaging

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