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Leakproof and lightweight, this glass lunch pot with heat resistant outer sleeve is the perfect solution for those packed meals that require heating. The interior silicone lid prevents splattering when microwaving and the base container is made from durable polypropylene combined with sustainably-sourced wood fiber which provides protection for the glass bowl and makes it easy to hold after microwaving. The stainless-steel lid screws onto the base to provide a 100% leak-proof seal. Microwave safe (excluding stainless lid), including wood fiber base for easy handling when hot. Oven safe glass and silicone lid (excluding wood fiber base). BPA free.

Insulated Glass Lunch Pot

  • 3.74in x 3.74in x 4.33in/

    15 fl. oz

    Dishwasher safe -Freezer safe  -Microwave safe (without stainless lid)

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