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This authentic Bistro apron is made from natural linen - keeping you clean while you cook or wash dishes. The hollow flax fibers are a durable choice for keeping you cool while you work. Large pockets are sewn in the seams for a stylishly practical accent. Simple. Useful. 

Linen Bistro Apron

  • 32” x 21.5” with 34” straps.

    Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or line dry

  • 100% Oeko-Tex certified linen. Low impact dyes. Member of the Made by Women Fund, which supports women artisans and makers around the world through skill development, proper equipment, and education so their businesses can flourish. Made at a women's, zero waste sewing center in the Philippines where worker's pay is 3x above minimum wage with paid time off and overtime.

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